Redaction program ended.

We believe the stance of the CBC regarding removal of items from the public record is the correct one. WFP and the Free Press Network will no longer remove press releases from our website unless there is an official retraction from the issuing police department/detachment or court order.

Removal from the internet and search engine caches is too time consuming, taking up to 30 hours of manpower. Due to the near-zero budget, and being run by volunteers it is just no longer possible. Even once removed from our network, other pages just get bumped up to the top of the search results.

We will no longer be offering our 2 week free redaction service or 3 day express service. The ratio of those offering to pay, and those that used the free service make it impossible to continue to offer the free service. Since we do not provide the free service anymore, we can no longer offer the premium service either, at any price.